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Rice cooker saves lot of time when we are preparing rice.We do not need a constant view on the rice, the rice cooker that has been prepared, and moreover it also saves the trouble of re-heat rice also has a built in feature that keeps the rice warm or hot water before we need to stay a bit. In simple,rice cooker makes life much easier and we cannot even imagine.Many people are unaware how to use a rice cooker. Here is simple rice cooker instructions to help you use these devices with ease.

Basic instructions: Quality Rice

Using a rice cooker is not so much difficult and is not rocket science. This requires knowledge of very basic instructions listed here.

   1. Start by measuring the amount of rice to cook. Typically, one cup of raw rice and ½ cup of cooked rice. measuring cup of rice is available with a standard measuring cup. A measuring cup before measuring cup with the United States three rooms with a rice cooker. Is measured according to their needs.
   2. Wash the rice (if necessary) and placed in the pot of rice.
   3. Measuring the amount of water needed for cooking. Water should be cold. Amount of water needed depends on the type of rice that is cooked. For example, if the instructions for cooking rice, brown rice is what you need, which is about 2-1/4 cups water in a cup of long grain brown need. For instructions on how to cook plain white rice as you can about 1-1/2 cups of water in a cup of rice to use.
   4. Before you put the pot in the rice cooker, you can butter, salt and oil of choice and add their own needs.
   5. Make sure your pot is dry, and put it in the cooker. Cover and run. Rice cooker automatically as Rice prepared for the ignition.
   6. While cooking rice does the trick for him. Open the lid or try to move while the rice is cooking. This method of delay, in general, and in real time will need to cook rice is amazing.
   7. 10-15 minutes after the rice is cooked, open the door. Some rice cookers have a warming feature that keeps the rice hot stove away. Place rice, if necessary. Now you're ready to eat.

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Steam rice and cooking instructions

Evaporating a great way to preserve the nutrients that otherwise in the cooking process destroys. "I can use a rice cooker that comes not only with steamed rice, but also a variety of vegetables and meat. No vessel to use the cooker, remove steam tray, according to the instructions above for cooking. To use the steam engine, about two inches of water on the stove built basket. Then, with a small tray of oil the ship or small amount of oil or butter. Place required amount of rice and place in a basket of the country. Method of steam launch, and cook automatically. Again, like the stove, use it to relax and leave 10-15 minutes after cooking. If steamed vegetables instead of rice or meat you want, you can cook the rice with the instructions below. Add some vegetables with rice, while fogging. Great meals for themselves.

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Please keep this thing in mind to be very careful when it comes to the rice cooker. And it can be of steam, causing severe burns flow. If mitts to remove pan from heat to close. Moreover, the location is within the reach of children. Could hit the pot is very serious. As mentioned earlier, you can prepare the steam pot and many other foods like scrambled eggs or rice, pasta and other resources to use. However, it is important to first learn the basic instructions for cooking rice before trying his hand into categories like this.


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